Universal Mobile Mount

No Need to Take Your Eyes Off the Road or Your Hands Off the Wheel

The Go-Vuu™ - Discourages Texting, Great For GPS, Ideal for Speaker Phone and  Other Phone Features.

Other phone mounts are flimsy or too far away to see or hear. You phone will be held securely in place by Go-Vuu™ and will remain vertical even when your steering wheel is turning, giving you close-up access to your phone at all times!

Motor Coaches can enjoy the benefits of having the Go-Vuu™ close-by to avoid distraction from reaching for "out-of-the-way" phone mounts. Remember when crossing state lines, suction cup holding devices may be illegal.

Go-Vuu™ is ideal for Golf Carts, it can be used for a Range Finder, or just keeping your phone safe and close-by.

Perfect for Golf Carts, use on your steering wheel or place it on your windshield. It's great for navigation or range finder.

Gadgets Come and Go. Most Have a Short Shelf Life, Not This!

Your cell phone just met its best friend.

A mobile device to change the way you communicate and navigate is here.  Go-Vuu™, billed as "The Safer Way To Find Your Way," truly is.

It's no secret that in today's electronic world, drivers multi-task while driving.  That, of course, raises increasing safety concerns.  Holding or reaching for your phone is not safe and in most states is a costly violation.

Go-Vuu™ easily attaches to the center of your steering wheel to keep calling and navigating right before your eyes.  No interference whatsoever with any of your car instruments.

This long-overdue, simple to attach, economical device stays vertical as the wheel turns.  That's wheel rotation, no more visual issues...your GPS, your calls, your emails, your everything is right there...inches from your eyes.

This is especially significant today as cell phone GPS are becoming much more popular than factory installed navigation as the apps offer superior technology, not to mention being limited to the vehicle you are driving.

Finally, a cell phone holder that won't break won't fall off the glass or panel and won't in any way hinder your view.  With only a slight downward glance, the Go-Vuu™ is always in the same position without losing connection or directions.  Go-Vuu™ weighs only ounces and is easily removable from the wheel. Go-Vuu™ is the answer to limiting distractions that cause accidents and assembly takes about 30 seconds. 

Stay safe; keep your hands on the wheel and Go-Vuu™ the world in a whole new way.

WARNING: “Placing any object on a steering wheel containing an airbag may result in serious injury"

Go-Vuu™ Device

Close-Up GPS and or Speakerphone