the Mount is "B"SafeVuu™ Comes With:

Note- Keep the Adhesives as high as possible on the back of the phone, the weight of the phone is what keeps it in a vertical position when the steering wheel turns.


A. 2- SMALL ROUND ADHESIVE FASTENERS are included (1 is extra) - for phones allowing you to place the FASTENER VERY HIGH IN THE CENTER of the back of your phone or protective cover.(best for Iphone styles)

B. 1 SafeVuu™ Mount - This is the SafeVuu™ DOUBLE WHEEL DEVICE

C. 1- LARGE ROUND ADHESIVE FASTENER attaches to the center of your steering wheel. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE AREA IS CLEAN AND DRY (use the enclosed alcohol wipe). Please allow ten minutes for the adhesives on both your phone and steering wheel to set before attaching.


D. IF YOU HAVE CONTROLS HIGH ON THE BACK OF YOUR PHONE,. 2- "U" Shaped Fasteners are enclosed (1 is extra). The "U" shaped adhesive is supplied to surround the controls allowing your FASTENER to be VERY HIGH ON THE CENTER of the back of your phone. 

You are finished, gently place your SafeVuu™ device against "C" steering wheel, then place your phone onto the SafeVuu™ device.



                   Use a ROUND or "U" SHAPE ADHESIVE to surround controls.